• Arthur Bruso

The Birth of Venus - Victorian Bowl

New treasure. Bowl depicting The Birth of Venus, with Triton and Eros attending. 9.5" diameter, no makers marks, porcelain. Triton blows the fanfare as Aphrodite arrives reclining on her shell. She is attended by Eros and Anteros. One is about to drape his mother with a garland of roses. The other is riding a dolphin. The scene is surrounded by stylized papyrus in gold on a blue background. These are obvious symbols of water.

Detail of the center image.

Arthur Bruso © 2019

#26thstreetfleamarket #greekmythology #aphrodite #gaudyvictoriana #arthurbruso #whatimlookingat #venus #triton #eros #anteros #birthofvenus #dolphin #thebirthoflove

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