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Of Water

Of Water is a collection installation. It takes the objects in a glass jar and depicts each one with a watercolor and name, cataloging the collection. The images are collected and bound in the book. The objects are displayed in the jar. The jar and book are exhibited together. The two objects harken back to the illustrated books that that were produced to document wunderkammer collections of the 1500s.

The title comes from the objects are all animals that once lived in water or in the case of the stone, it shares the color of water and has water in it's chemical make up.

Minnie's Message

The planchette was supposed to be a fun diversion for an afternoon. The planchette was purchased a a flea market because it has an intriguing history. The heart shaped board with its attached pencil seemed simple and straightforward - it would write with a slight push. Once the session started we knew we had something extraordinary. A woman named Minnie came through with an urgent request to help her. 

Through research I discovered, Minnie Colligan was a real woman who lived in our house during the 1920s with her husband and children. Her messages and drawings from the planchette session are collected and displayed with the planchette and the portfolio that protects them.

The Alchemist's Garden

Based on the Italian journey garden of the 16th century, The Alchemist's Garden was conceived as a physical space that would be based on the four ancient elements of Fire, Water, Earth and Air. The actual garden was not completed because of many obstacles, but the objects around  the project are presented as an installation including: the brochure that outlines the concept, a photograph of a mosaic designed for the garden, a folder of maps outlining the original space and what was found during the preparation of the ground, sculptural objects that were created for the garden and a photograph of the planned rituals proposed for the garden.

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