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Photography is one way I see. It helps me to organize the world into what I want to remember and what I do not. It is a selective eye that often has greater acuity than my own.

Hudson New York

Hudson, New York is a small town in upstate New York that once boasted many factories in the 19th century. Now it is is home to many antique shops and has become a destination for day trippers from all over the Hudson Valley. These photographs form a corpus of how I see this town that I have been visiting since I was a teen. I do not attempt to document the changes that have been happening to the tow, but to find the uniqueness in its atmosphere.


These images were created during a very difficult time for me. I had lost my partner to a gay bashing and other friends were dying from AIDS. These photographs were my reaction to so much death and sorrow around me.

Polaroid Series

At the age of eleven, I received a polaroid camera. This gift changed the way I took photographs, because of the quick developing of the image brought nearly instant results. I have returned to these image from that time in my artistic progression to revisit and reaccess them. As a mature artist, I find that I am drawn to the surface changes that has occurred to the images over time. The noise, tape residue, graininess and color changes that have become a part of their presence and history.


These images work with the concept of urban isolation. Each of us is involved with our own lives and cares. Despite the numbers of people, or the oppressiveness of the city around us we stay within ourselves. 

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