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The House Falls Into Meadow From the Meadow Rises a Forest

This series of 9 images is about the natural cycles of life and their relation to mythology. I watched as changes manifested around me: a house, a fire, a meadow, a basketball court. One state turning into another, just as the elm trees leafed in the spring, shed their seed, then dropped their leaves in the fall, finally succumbing to disease and being felled. These were the great cycles of life and death. I sensed the greatness of it. I understood the myths about it. For how can these cycles come to pass without the grand forces of nature acting upon them? This is the story I have tried to tell in these images.

THE HOUSE FALLS INTO MEADOW FROM THE MEADOW RISES A FOREST - N0. 1 - Helios Tracks the Course of Ra and Plots for His Day as the Sun, photograph with hand color

THE HOUSE FALLS INTO MEADOW FROM THE MEADOW RISES A FOREST - No. 7 - Demeter Vows That We Shall All Pay For Her Loss of Persephone (for Rita Dove), photograph

This photographic series is part of my book Into the Magic Space available here.

Arthur Bruso © 2009

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