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Into the Magic Space (Photographic Series)

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

This series of 12 images is informed by laws of the physical universe. The decaying shed suggested entropy; how things fall apart and disorder is the rule. All of the images in the series correlated to theories of astronomy and the processes of the universe. The colored areas provide the clues for the magic space. The color transforms the mundane into the place of interest, the place where the real transforms into the conceptual.

INTO THE MAGIC SPACE - No. 1 - Entropic Inertia

INTO THE MAGIC SPACE - No. 4 - The Negative Principle of Matter

INTO THE MAGIC SPACE - No. 5 - Disintegration of a Parallel Universe

INTO THE MAGIC SPACE - No. 6 - The Gravitational Attraction Between Distant Objects

INTO THE MAGIC SPACE - No. 8 - Attempting the Speed of Light

INTO THE MAGIC SPACE - No. 10 - Adrift in the Cosmic Wind

INTO THE MAGIC SPACE - No. 11 - Evidence of Dante's System of the Heavens

INTO THE MAGIC SPACE - No. 12 - A Comet Seeding New Life on a Planet

INTO THE MAGIC SPACE book reproduces 22 photo-based works from the two collections, Into the Magic Space and The House Falls Into Meadow From the Meadow Rises a Forest. The book of these photographs is available on Amazon here.

Curious Matter and Arthur Bruso © 2009

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