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November 19 - December 12, 2021

My Pet Ram is pleased to present THE BIG SHOW!, a colossal showcase of works by over 75 artists from New York and abroad. Visually threaded through a myriad of styles and aesthetics, THE BIG SHOW! highlights painting, sculpture, mixed media and photography, acting as a snapshot of contemporary art through a variety of mediums. Displayed salon-style and with an abundance of stimulus and visual fodder, these gatherings create a unique dialogue with one another, making space for viewers’ own personal associations and connections to emerge. Through minimal intervention, THE BIG SHOW! dexterously weaves and amalgamates, giving way for surprising moments and unintentional relations.

After nearly two years of relative isolation and quarantine, THE BIG SHOW! aims to unify and bring together old friends and new. Celebrating the way only a big show can, this exhibition reminds us of joyous times, one filled with friends, family and most importantly, community. THE BIG SHOW! is on view at My Pet Ram from November 19 - December 12, 2021. There will be an opening reception November 19 from 6-9pm. We hope to see you there.

Participating artists include:

Meg Atkinson, Sam Balaban, BARC the Dog, Daniel Barragán, Jenna Beasley, Seth Becker, Corey Bernstein, Jakob Bokulich, Caetlynn Booth, Arthur Bruso, Carly Burnell, Natalie Cappellini, Marc Carson, Nicholas Cueva, Rachel Cutler, Grace Deal, Preston Douglas, Heather Drazen, Josh Drayzen, Robert Otto Epstein, James Ewart, Conor Fagan, Billy Figueroa, Stacy Fischer, Annie Forrest, Erik Foss, Matt Furman, Gazoo, Inga Guzyte, Skye Gwilliam, Dane Hagen, Craig Hein, Alexandra Hemrick, Pilar Herrera Land, Edward Holland, Michelle Huang, Cary Hulbert, Rachel Jeffers, Jeffrey Jones, Jeremy John Kaplan, Steve Keister, Sam Keller, Jenny Kemp, Sydney Hunter Kleinrock, Claire Lachow, Rebecca Lazinger, Emma Leigh, Charlotte Lethbridge, Dan Levin, Michael Gac Levin, Robert Levine, Fei Li, Kingston Lovett, Marisha Lozada, Tristan Martinez, Colin McElroy, Hallie McNeill, Alexis Myre, Xander Opiyo, Kyle Orlando, Anna Ortiz, Peter Palisade, Joey Parlett, Sally Paul, Lauren Portada, Patrick Quinn, Marge Rendell, Jorge Ricci, Carlos Rosales-Silva, Theo A. Rosenblum and Chelsea Seltzer, Gabriel Roz, Tom Sanford, Sarah Schlesinger, Jo Shane, Abby Sierros, Jasper Socia, Srge, Alfie Steiner, Rufus Tureen, Lee Vanderpool, Lumin Wakoa, Bartek Walicki, Tom Wixo, Aaron Wrinkle, Sarp Yavuz, and Matthew Zaccari

My Pet Ram

My two works in the exhibition:

green and white painted wooden box with 4 sections with a sphere, cube and pyramid
Primary; 7"w x 7 "h x 3 3/4"d; vinyl, wood, archival mat board, steel wire, acrylic paint, glass

black wooden box with dark blue interior, star shape and galaxy shape inside
Deep Space 7.75" w x 3.5" h x 3.5" d Fiber paper, plastic, ceramic, steel wire, archival mat board, wood, acrylic paint, glass

© 2021 My Pet Ram and Arthur Bruso

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